Gader Ministries Trust was established in 2020 as an Ecclesiastical, Irrevocable, Commonlaw Trust.  Founded on the principle of Love for God, Love for Each Other, Love for His creation, and Love of Our Neighbors.  "For the Earth is The Lord's, and all the fullness thereof"-Psalm 24:1.  We each are stewards of God's earth.  The soil, the critters, the people, and the Word. 

Long stretches of uncertainty, brought on by Keynsian economics, globalism, scarcity, inflating currencies, overreach of governmental authorities, and a turning away from sound teaching regarding things terrestrial as well as spiritual pointed to a need existing to return to Source and Truth.  Starting with one couple in the Northeast section of Philadelphia, faced with these uncertainties while raising their child, a decision was made to buck the norms of the manicured lawns, and grew a garden on their tiny, rented, 12'x18' lawn.  No fines were levvied, and they ate more and more of their own food.  They learned food preservation, rainwater harvesting, natural remedies to ailments, and a whole slew of things that nature could provide them, and didn't necessitate the 'experts' they were lead to depend on.  When this was clear enough to them, a plan was formed, and God made a way to start the mission of Gader Ministries Trust.  God turned their prepping into permaculture; and their permaculture into proselytism.  Now as Gader Ministries Trust grows, so does the knowledge of God's love, and His ability to reach and affect good in anyone's life, regardless of socioeconomic status, or prior beliefs.


Gader Ministries Trust is recognised as a tax-exempt organization as stated in 26 USC 508 (c)(1)(a).



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